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MDL Europe is known as a specialist of machining and marketing of components supporting press tools and stamping industry:
• Standard and Blueprint Die sets
• Machined plates
• Guiding elements (ISO, DIN, AFNOR norms…)
• Punches and Dies
• Compressions springs
• Die set accessories 

1. Dies sets and machined plates, standard and blueprint for press tools industry
- MDL Europe is your partner for precision and high quality machining for large and small dimensions dies sets and plates.

2. Punches and Dies 
- Porter Besson® standard punches and dies are readily available in our stock.
- MDL Europe manufactures practically any type of punches, dies, punch and die retainers according to your needs.

3. Guiding elements
- MDL Europe offers a wide variety of pins, steel bushings, bronze plated bushings and high precision ball cages.
- The guiding elements follows AFNOR/CNOMO, DIN norms or MDL standard
- MDL Europe offers also special guiding components according to customer specifications.

4. Compressions Springs and Accessories for press tools industry
- MDL Europe die are made with chrome silicon steel which assures a high level of quality and performance as well as our urethane springs
- We are dealing with a large inventory of AZOL Gas nitrogen cylinders.
- MDL Europe has a wide range of accessories available for the set up and maintenance of tools (screws, lifting pins, …).

  • With an international exposure, MDL Europe specializes in the manufacture of press tools elements (Die sets, guiding elements, compression springs, punches and dies ...) and has two plants in France.
  • MDL Europe with premises in France and Germany manufactures die sets and bespoke machining parts according to customers’ specifications.
  • Our factory, located in Soultz near the German border focuses on die sets and plates machining. Neighboring the factory, our distribution platform stores and dispatches to the European market all standardized press tools elements and accessories.
  • A second site is based in Serre-les-Sapins in Doubs. This unit specialises in the production of Porter Besson® blanks of punches & dies, punch retainers and blueprint punches and dies. We use the latest equipment to finish the punches and dies in accordance with customers’ requirements.
  • With our experience and know-how, our capacity for high technology production (high-speed machining, large capacity machinery, grinding, EDM), the MDL group offers a top quality, fast service to high technical standards.
  • The MDL Group has been manufacturing die sets and components since the 1970’s and today has manufacturing plants located in Brazil, Mexico, France and India as well as Distribution Centres in Germany and the United States.

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President, MDL Europe

Stéphane REGNIER

Sales Manager, MDL Europe

Jérôme CHAIX

Sales Team France, MDL Europe



MDL Europe
9 Rue de l'Oberwald
68360 Soultz-Haut-Rhin 


Web: www.mdl-eu.com/fr
Email: mdl@mdl-rodis.com  
Phone: +33 (0)3 89 74 24 24 
Fax: +33 (0)3 89 76 49 99